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Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at The Hurlingham Academy aims to instil a love of learning in our students and aims to inspire children to be successful individuals, historians, mathematicians, geographers, musicians, authors, artists, philosophers, theologians, sportspeople, scientists, writers, innovators, dreamers, magicians, mothers, fathers, citizens.

Through being immersed in a knowledge-rich curriculum, our students will be empowered to make well informed decisions, become active citizens and be economically sufficient.

The intent of the curriculum is to enable children to acquire knowledge and skills, which are secured through application (over time and in different contexts) to develop understanding (change in long term memory) and allow children to seek meaning and achieve personal growth.

Alongside our academic curriculum, we strongly believe in the importance of education with characterand offer a wide enrichment programme that enables our students to grow cultural capital whilst they are with us.

Overview by year

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