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House System

The Hurlingham Academy operates a ‘House System’. In their houses, students participate in a range of activities including competitions, sporting events and charity fundraising events. This is designed to encourage students to extend their learning in a range of curriculum areas including art, sport, drama, science, and technology. 

 It is hoped that through the House system students will also develop their sense of community cohesion and responsibility within their Houses.  It provides the framework by which all students are challenged and supported to achieve their best and to help others. The House system runs vertically (houses consist in pupils from all years in the academy) and is based on our vision for building strong community and character. 


Aequitas (Equality) Head of House: Ms. C. Hateley  Colour: Yellow


Caritas (Charity)  Head of House: Ms. G. Grubb Colour: Green 



Unitas (Unity)  Head of House: Mr. O. Charkham  Colour: Red 



Veritas (Honesty)  Head of House: Ms. M. Subhan Colour: Blue 


The house system at The Hurlingham Academy is overseen by Ms. K. Ling


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