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Year 7 Catch Up Funding


In 16/17 the Academy received £6,844 to support 13 students in Year 7 who had not reached the expected level in English or Maths at the end of Key Stage 2. Having focused on literacy in 2015/16 and continuing to have access to Accelerated Reader, we had not yet addressed the shortfalls in basic numeracy skills of many of our Key Stage 2 cohort. We therefore spent the catch-up funding on the following: 

  1. Hegarty Maths programme. This is a school wide numeracy intervention, costing £5000 for the school. The programme involves students watching videos of maths problems being explained and completed, before setting them a series of questions to complete to ensure mastery of the material. Our Year 7 students who had not reached expected levels in maths upon arrival participated in homework club once a week where they were supervised completing exercises from Hegarty Maths, with a member of the maths department on hand to assist with any difficulties. 
  2. We also invested in a reading buddy scheme, where the 13 students in question read 1:1 with a member of staff once per week. 


  1. In English, 11 of the 13 students made expected progress relative to their starting points. 9 of these made good progress relative to that of the cohort as a whole. 
  2. In Maths, 7 of the 13 students made expected progress. Results analysis suggested that a lack of grounding in fundamentals such as times tables contributed to this. 

Interventions planned for 17/18 

Funding for 17/18 is expected to be the same as for 16/17 at just under £7,000. While we have invested in Accelerated Reader and Hegarty Maths over the past two years, commands of the basics of literacy and numeracy remain low amongst many Year 7 students. In 2017/18, we have therefore invested in the following interventions in order to further improve and consolidate mastery of these basics: 

  1. Ruth Miskin Fresh Start Phonics programme. This is for students who lack basic skills in phonics, decoding and comprehension. Students receiving this intervention will have a small group lesson once per week, and will participate for at least 10 weeks depending on progress. 
  2. Timestables Rockstars. This is an online programme to promote mastery of times tables. Year 7 students without command of times tables will have one session per week working on this programme in their timetable.
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