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Key Staff

Senior Leadership Team


Leon Wilson

Vice Principal

Juliette Quinton

Assistant Principal Raising Standards KS3,
Behaviour and Safeguarding

Esther Venegas

Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning

Jennie Sanderson

Assistant Principal Inclusion and Enrichment

Tamsin Grainger

Business Manager

Ian Ilett

Data and Achievement Lead

Katherine Ling

Heads of Department

Head of English

Melissa Mackay

Head of Maths

Katherine Ling

Head of Science

Jeremy Powell

Head of PE

Kirsty Mulcahey

Head of Geography

Rachel Reiss

Head of Art

Karon Francis

Head of Music

Conaugh Clarke

 Head of History

Eleanor Mowbray

  Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Lucia Alvarez Cabo

Pastoral Team


 Year 7 and Year 8  Esther Venegas
 Year 9
 Ross Cheetham
 Year 10 and Year 11

 Tom Pudney 

 Juliette Quinton

Support Staff

Office Manager

Ilona Clark 
Attendance Officer

 Sophie Horne

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