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Student rowers close to breaking British 100m sprint records

  • 12 October 2018
  • Author: Teresa Best
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Student rowers close to breaking British 100m sprint records

Students in The Hurlingham Academy rowing club are very close to breaking the British 100m sprint records according to Ms Meghann Jackson, Schools’ Manager at Fulham Reach Boat Club, a charity who support the club.  Ms Jackson is a holder of two world records for distances on the erg (ergometer or erg = a device used to measure the amount of work performed).  She has also officiated the last six British records broken by students at Fulham Reach Boat Club.  Mr Ross Cheetham, PE teacher, emailed Ms Jackson the latest times from 28 September 2018 for Herve Amon, Tyler Brindle, Shae Richardson, Shqiponja Hetemi, Arina Mjasnika and Ivana Mabou and it became clear to her that this group are close to breaking the 100m sprint record.  To that end, Ms Jackson spent an hour with the rowing club on Friday showing students how to get that extra percentage and maximise their potential.  While records were not broken, students are very close and could do so in future.

Ms Jackson said after the rowing session,

“These students are truly inspiring and so enthusiastic. They will surely break the records that have been sent and I’m happy to come in more often to support them”

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