Vision Statement

Our vision as a staff is….

1. To develop happy and healthy learners who achieve the highest possible academic outcomes for success in life.

2. To nurture responsible young citizens who care for their communities and who are committed to bettering them.

Mission statement

Our vision is achieved through…

1. A passionate dedication to rigour and excellence in teaching and learning for all pupils.

2. A thorough commitment to the deep pastoral care and personal development of every child.


‘Discere et servire.’

(‘To learn and to serve.’)

Our vision statement is what we want for our students. Ultimately, we are a school and our fundamental raison de être is to educate, and to do this well. However, we obviously care for children’s pastoral well-being and therefore we want to see our students develop healthily into young citizens. It is happy and healthy children who learn best.  Part of our nurturing of our students is to teach them to value and develop character traits such as resilience, independence, respect, kindness, integrity and compassion. It is also to provide them contexts in which to develop these character traits and soft skills. However, the ultimate expression of these individual character traits will be young people who are committed to benefiting others. We want to see students grow into young adults who are outward looking and want to help and give to others.  It is students who are well grounded in character who will want to do this. 

Our mission statement is how we will achieve our vision statement. Again, this is two-fold and again it fits into the Ofsted framework of teaching and learning and personal development. Again, how these two strands are achieved is manifold and will include a wide range of strategies, initiatives, programmes and activities.  Both the vision and mission statements are umbrella statements that cover all that goes on each day, week and year at The Hurlingham Academy.

Key values

Our motto also combines these two strands of teaching and learning and personal development. It emphasises the values we want for our students and are working for.  These key values flow out of our School Houses and are promoted within the House system. The four values we promote most are: Compassion (Caritas), community (Unitas), integrity (Veritas) and social justice (Aequitas).

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