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The School Day 2017/18

The school site is open at 07.30 with breakfast available for students between 07.45 - 08.15 in the school canteen.

The school day commences at 08.25 and finishes at 15.25. On Mondays, all Year 7 and 8 students will stay behind for enrichment activities, with the day finishing at 16.10.

There is an expectation that Key Stage 4 students should stay behind after school for intervention classes where directed. Students and parents will be informed of this in advance.

All students must arrive promptly and be inside the school gates by 08.25. There is a zero tolerance policy on lateness, and any student arriving after 8.25 will be issued a one hour detention. This cut-off is strict; a student arriving at 8.26 will be required to sit the detention. The rationale for this is one of clarity, ensuring that there is no doubt as to what constitutes late and what does not. This lateness policy also applies when there is traffic or transport issues. We therefore encourage students to get to school for 08.00 and enjoy a free breakfast, to ensure they have an extra 25 minutes to account for potential transport issues.

All students must arrive promptly and ready for the school day, which is as follows:

08:25 School day begins
08:30 Roll Call
08:35 Form Time
09:00 Lesson 1
09:45 Lesson 2
10:30 Lesson 3
11:15 Break
11:35 Lesson 4
12:20 Lesson 5
13:05 Lunch
13:45 Period 6
14:30 Period 7
 15:15  Form Time
 15:25  School day ends

 A full extra-curricular programme is available throughout the week .

Reception is open from: 08.00 - 16.15

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