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Year 11 Essentials

How you can help with GCSE preparation

In order to ensure your child achieves the best results, we need your support leading up to and during GCSE exams.  Please read the information provided in supporting your child with their exams or get directly in touch with a member of the Year 11 team. 

Who can I speak to?


Ms Quinton, Vice Principal



Mr Pudney, Director of Learning, KS4



What can I do to help my child revise?


  • Ensure your child’s attendance is above 96%.
  • Check your child is doing their homework.
  • Ensure your child is attending holiday interventions.
  • Create space for your child to revise at home.
  • Keep in close contact with us.
  • Talk to us about any concerns.

What can I do to help my child apply for Sixth Form?


  • Competition for 6th Form places is stronger than ever. Starting early is key!
  • Talk through future pathways with your child.
  • Ensure your child is going along to Sixth Form Open Evenings and applying:

    The deadline to apply for Sixth Form is December 20th 2018.


    What are the key dates for Year 11?


    • 13th November – 28th November: Mocks 1
    • 14th January – 23rd January: Mocks 2
    • 4th March – 19th March: Mocks 3

    • 6th December: Year 11 Parents’ Evening
    • 20th December: Year 12 applications due in

    Monday May 13th  2019 - First external exam

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